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Subject type hour/week hour/sem. ETCS
Architectural Design – Housing design I P 5 75 12


Description: This course acquaints students with different concepts of house located in a natural environment. Students may have various level of preparation and training – this is the reason course is divided for different levels. The main task in accordance with the level of knowledge declared by the student – optional : beginner students – single-family house / intermediate – multi-generational home / advanced – house for independent elderly people.

  • Single-family house – The main task is to design a house with the IDEA ( something non-obvious, special, unique, unusual ). For Example: house in a unique location (house on the cliff, on the coast, in the woods,…), house with unusual inhabitant and function (painter – a house with a studio and gallery, an astronomer – a house with a watchtower, swimmer – house with swimming pool 25m in length, …), house with unusual function/form (mobile house, transformable house, adaptable house, floating house, bridge house, tower house, …)
  • Multi-generational home – The main task is to design a house for big famili where different generations live together but separately . Functional plan should consiste at least two apartments for two families ( family with children 2+2 and  grandparents ). The house can be one-storey or multi-storey (but grandparents should have an apartment on the ground floor), some functions may be shared by both families. There should be a connection between the apartments inside the house.
  • House for the elderly – house for 8 independent elderly people who live together on the basis of: mutual self-help, affordable architecture , and co-living. The functional plan should consist of individual bedrooms (single and double) with bathrooms, and a common day zone for all residents. In addition, it can have a guest room, hobbyroom, etc … The house should be one-storey, and if located in the city, can be a multi-storey with elevator.

The theoretical aim is to familiarize students with the main problems related to architectural design of house including spatial, social, technical, functional and theoretical aspects.

The practical objective is to exercise the execution of architectural conceptual drawings of a unique house. Skills to be acquired: * experience in the analyses and assessment of housing; * skills for preparation of an architectural program; * skills of conceptual, functional, spatial and structural design; * research abilities related to the field of human inhabitation assessment.

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