Faculty of Architecture

Diploma dissertations

Diploma theses and examinations
Guidelines for the preparation of diploma theses
The rules for the preparation of diploma theses are governed by Order No. 88 of the Rector
of the Bialystok University of Technology of 29 September 2022 on establishing “Rules of
conduct in the preparation and defence of the diploma thesis at the Bialystok University of

Order No. 88

Pursuant to the Study Regulations of the PB, a student is obliged to submit his/her
diploma thesis by the following deadlines:

– by 28 February – if the studies end in the winter semester;
– by 30 September – if studies end in the summer semester.

In random situations, the Dean, at the request of the student and with the prior opinion of the
thesis supervisor, may postpone the deadline for submission of the diploma thesis to the
Dean’s Office.

Failure to submit the diploma thesis to the Dean’s Office by the set deadline shall result in
expulsion from the register of students.

The diploma examination takes place on a date set by the Dean, within 30 days of the thesis

The following are available:

the APD system

to the Dean’s Office for the diploma examination.


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