Faculty of Architecture

About us

The history of the Faculty of Architecture at the Białystok Technical University began in 1974 with the foundation of the Architectural Department. The initiators behind the Department’s establishment were the architects: Helena Sawczuk-Nowara, Idzi Łukaszewicz and Marian Truszkowski.

Together with the Civil Engineering Institute of BTU and the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology the Department started the so called combined courses.

On September 18th 1975 by the directive of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the Architectural Department was transformed into the Institute of Architecture with the rights of a faculty. The first director of the Institute became contract professor Zbigniew Piniński, PhD, Arch.

The Institute offered five-year full-time graduate courses in architecture. The Institute’s Library was also established at that time. The original location of the Institute was the XVIII th century Guest Palace belonging to the historical Branicki Palace complex.

In 1989 the Institute’s name was changed into the Faculty of Architecture of Białystok Technical University. Since its beginnings the Faculty has graduated over 1663 students.

At present the Faculty has its seat in a renovated and modernized university building in Oskar Sosnowski street.

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