Faculty of Architecture

Research and Services

  • Land development planning in the scale of the region: urban and country planning

  • Projects of architectural structures for diverse functions: housing, public, industrial and office buildings, entertainment and recreation centres

  • Providing documentation for buildings and complexes subject to conservation protection

  • Designing landscape architecture

  • Creative artistic activity, including interior design, graphic art, applied graphic art, painting, sculpture, stage design, costume design, photography

  • Providing technical expert opinions and advice

  • Architectural criticism

  • Overall activities in the field of computer-aided design

Faculty of Architecture conducts research and development work in the following scientific disciplines:

  • Architecture and town planning

    • Architecture

    • Town planning and spatial planning

  • Civil engineering

    • Mechanics of structures

    • Building construction

    • Building physics

  • Historical sciences

    • History of architecture

    • Conservation and preservation of historic buildings

  • Fine arts

    • Painting

    • Sculpture

    • Graphic art

    • Photography

  • Interior design

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